Raising Feminist Loving Men

I was reading an article about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s new book and her tips for raising trail-blazing daughters. It has some great tips from Ginsburg herself, who I admire greatly. While I love reading all of the great content out there about raising the next generation of women leaders, I see […]

Debates, Corridos, BLM and Brangelina

As I grab my second cup of cafecito, I look out on an expansive field of green here is Williamsburg, Virginia and think about the past week. The Presidential Debate As you can imagine, this political junkie is super excited about the debates tomorrow night. Then again, I’m also not expecting the moderators to get […]

School politics and grower title 1 parent stuff

Well who knew that elementary schools were so burdened with politics? I almost miss the ignorance I was experiencing pre PTA. Now that I’m involved with the org, I’m learning about the red tape first hand. I also attended title 1 parent meeting, which was enlightening to say the least. The title 1 thing had […]