Does Good Cop – Bad Cop still work?

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Of course it does! The best thing you can do whether you are in sales or client services or any interaction with a client is to sympathize with them. It works every time. You really must be genuine when utilizing this strategy. Playing the good cop doesn’t automatically deliver customer satisfaction. You have back it up with appropriate action. For example, if your recent media buy on behalf of an advertiser led to under-achieving results and you suspect foul play from the publisher, let the advertiser know what you are dealing with in a professional manner; no need to discredit anyone yet. Communicate to them that you also expected better results and will most definitely bring this to the attention of your traffic source and work to rectify the situation for them. The key is to identify with your client, commit to finding a solution, and execute on your promise. As simple as this concept sounds, it is NOT what is put into play 99% of the time. I see this as a huge opportunity for companies who choose the “satisfied customer” path.

Danay Escanaverino

Danay Escanaverino

Danay Escanaverino is a Latina entrepreneur, mom, avid traveler, tech geek, history buff, blogger and ADHD poster child She is CEO of LunaSol Media and Founder of #LatinaMeetup . Follow her on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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