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HITN launches new site

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NEW YORK, Aug. 4 – HITN, America’s first Latino Public Television Network, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, today unveiled a new brand logo — one that reflects its role as the leader in Latino public and educational broadcasting. “Today marks a new phase for HITN. Our new logo is meant to serve as a beacon for Hispanics everywhere with its bright orange hue lighting the path to a better tomorrow for our viewers,” said founder Jose Luis Rodriguez, CEO of HITN.

HITN has been serving the Hispanic community of the United States and Puerto Rico for 25 years, remaining steadfast in its dedication in bringing educational and entertaining programming to its viewers. A hallmark of HITN’s programming is its unique content; creating programs that invite Latino participation and encourages families to live fuller, richer lives. “HITN was founded 25 years ago as a response to the lack of educational programming available to Hispanics. Now, just as then, there is still a tremendous need for the type of programming we provide,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

Our new logo is meant to serve as a beacon for Hispanics everywhere with its bright orange hue lighting the path to a better tomorrow for our viewers

The launch of this new brand logo signifies the beginning of a new era at HITN. “We are poised to establish ourselves as the ‘go-to’ network for Hispanics who are looking for educationally rich, entertaining and informative programming. We have a very successful political news series, Destination Casa Blanca 2008, that has catapulted HITN as the only Latino-themed political series on the Cable industry’s ‘Election ’08 On Demand’ VOD platform, which reaches over 90% of the nation, it’s the place where Latino voters get informed. Coupled with the new brand, HITN is ready to lead the way for years to come,” concluded Dan Rodriguez, Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

Marketing firm Garcia 360 provided the necessary technical and professional support to derive the new HITN brand. Speaking on the experience of working with HITN, Luis Garcia of Garcia 360 said, “HITN is passionate about helping Latinos navigate their life in the US. We feel this new brand image reflects the essence of what HITN stands for in relation to its mission and its commitment to the audience they serve. To be a part of this brand evolution has been very rewarding.”

CEO Jose Luis Rodriguez commented during the unveiling, “Today’s media landscape challenges HITN to distinguish itself from other national networks. Our new brand will help us break through the cluttered environment by ensuring our viewers that when they see the HITN brand they are in tune with clear and consistent communication.”

About HITN
The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN) was established in 1983 as a non-profit organization. HITN’s mission is dedicated to the advancement of Hispanics by providing engaging educational entertainment that invites individuals and families to live fuller, richer lives and enables them to serve as an ever-growing engine of intellectual power and progress. HITN-TV was created in 1987, becoming America’s first Public Television Network for Latinos. Today, HITN-TV can be found on cable, satellite, video on demand and online reaching over 31 million households.

HITN provides a unique source of educational, cultural, news and public affairs programs to the homes of Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico. For more information log onto .


Source: HispanicPRWire

Danay Escanaverino

Danay Escanaverino

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