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Yes, I am guilty of leaving my blog on autopilot with some rss feeds for a while. Why? Too many projects, too much family stuff, etc. I prefer giving my clients the necessary time it takes to succeed on their projects and my kids the necessary time they need to succeed in life. So the blog sometimes takes a backseat to that.

It’s 2013 however, and one of my goals for the year is to get back to writing and communicating about business, family and anything in general. Writing rocks. It allows you to think thinks through sometimes while you are in the process, and it most definitely hones your communication skills. I know we can ALL be better communicators.

So, there you have it, the blog is back!

And Happy New Year to you all! May your lives be filled with many blessings.

Danay Escanaverino

Danay Escanaverino

Danay Escanaverino is a Latina entrepreneur, mom, avid traveler, tech geek, history buff, blogger and ADHD poster child She is CEO of LunaSol Media and Founder of #LatinaMeetup . Follow her on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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