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Five Weeks To Normal

Five Week s To Normal

Five weeks.

That’s how long it has taken me to start feeling normal.

I injured my back, and it’s been real.

I haven’t been immobile, but I have had to make a lot of lifestyle changes during the past four weeks.

No prolonged sitting.

That’s bananas! I work at my desk all day. Since this injury, I am now working standing up most of the day. This new dynamic now messes with my back in a new and exciting way.

Opiates Help

I have always been averse to taking drugs, including taking Tylenol for a headache. I just figured that the less meds I put into my body, the less I’d have to deal with any side effects or weird stuff. Plus, I’m a coffee/energy person. I like to be sharp and alert and productive.

Then there’s the type of pain that is just unbearable. Mind you, I’ve gone through child birth, so I clearly understand a pain level of 10 versus a 5. I was at a consistent 9/10 and couldn’t even climb onto the exam table for my doctor. I never saw anyone write a prescription so damned fast. The poor guy had “sympathy” clearly written across his face.

I heart him.

Opiates Hinder

So while I finally caved and took the prescribed medicine, I hated feeling mentally fuzzy. I braved a few client calls and had such a hard time forming words, that I decided to just communicate via email and chat. At least that would allow me the time to look up words like “participate” which I had previously struggled with during a very important phone call.

I took myself off after a week and a half because I just couldn’t take it any more. What am I without my mind?

Also, they made my toes swell.

Stay Active

Even though it was brutal, and with my doctor’s blessing, I still ran my 5 miles most days. There were a few days where I just couldn’t bring myself to move, but I did it. And I am using the word “ran” quite loosely. Most days it was a mix of a pathetic hobble/walk. But I did it.

Great day for a run #5miles #running #noexcuses

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And I’m sure it made a difference.

Attitude Is Everything

I kept swinging back and forth between feeling sorry for myself and resolving to beat the crap out of life’s curve balls.  It sucks not to be able to do all the things you want to do, especially when you have the resolve.

My days were definitely less productive with the pain and medicated haze under which I was operating. But I kept my resolve to push forward and not just lay in bed all day being miserable.

Work Ethic

If I told you how many meetings, events and travel plans I had to cancel, you would probably faint.

It’s OK, I’m aware that I am a workaholic. I also apply the same ridiculous “too much-ness” to being an involved parent, etc. You get the gist.

However, I am truly grateful for my immigrant work ethic. I know it has helped me many times in the past and it will serve me again now as I try to play catch-up.

I grew up watching my parents and other immigrant families around me “just do”. There was never complaining or anything, it was just getting it done and dealing with it as best you could.

Now I’m not going to compare my situation to that one, because I own a business and live a very blessed live. My parents were poor, fleeing communism and trying desperately to get by in a foreign place with a foreign language. Their toughness, resolve and willingness to work hard no matter what, always remind me that hard work for me is not even remotely close to what it was for them.

It really puts things into perspective for me.

A Light At The End

Today I had my first seven mile run. I’m finally starting to feel better. It was the first day in over a month that I felt like I could conquer the world.

I still had to take it easy with my sitting and not doing anything physically stupid like heavy lifting. But it was such a morale booster that I just had to go for the two extra miles.

Get ready world. Once I’m back at 100%, there will be some conquering to be had.

Is that even grammatically correct? I believe it is.



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